Team and Party Bookings

We now offer exclusive bookings for teams and parties. Rent the entire facility to yourself and make use of all of our equipment for as low as $80 per hour. Teams need a lot of room and must utilize their time well when it comes to practice, the best way to do this by making the best use of the space at hand.

Teams can use the cages however they need. Use some for batting and others for pitching and catching so everyone can be practicing their skills the entire time.

To make team and party reservation there cannot be any other booking during the time slot. To find out look at the Reservations page and find the date and time you want, the green box must say “4 Left”.


Baseball / Softball

Full facility (4 cages) $80 per hour


Mon – Fri: $120 per hour

Sat – Sun: CALL

* Futsal requires extra time and preparations before and after to get setup for use.