Terms of service is covered in our waiver which you can review and must sign before using our batting practice facility. See Online Waiver.

Terms of Service (SMS Portion)

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Waiver of Liability and Release for useof Sooner Sluggers Batting CagesCHILD’S NAME: ____________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER: _______________________ PARENT OR GUARDIAN’S NAME: ___________________________ CELLPHONE NUMBER: __________________ ADDRESS:__________________________________________________________________________________________I, the undersigned participant/parent or guardian of the participant, recognize and acknowledge thatactivities at “Sooner Sluggers”, which includes the batting facility, located at 3200 Broce Drive, Unit 108, Norman, Oklahoma, involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability or death, and severe social and economic losses which might result from participant action, inaction, negligence of others, rules of play, or the condition of the premises or any equipment used thereon. Further, I understand that there may be other risks not known or reasonably foreseeable at this time and that such risks shall be assumed by the undersigned. In my absence, I authorize the instructor, coach or owner of Sooner Sluggersto call for emergency rescue services for (child’s name)_____________________________ should they be necessary in the case of injury or suspected injury, or during the times that the above named individual is participating in an activity at Sooner Sluggers. I authorize the attending physician at the hospital to administer necessary emergency medical care to the above individual upon arrival at the hospital. I will accept responsibility for the payment of any and all treatment provided therein including emergency rescue services. I certify that the above named is capable of participating safely in the activities at Sooner Sluggers. I understand that the owners of Sooner Sluggersdonot provide accident, health, or life insurance coverage for the above named participant during program participation. I further understand that I am legally responsible for actions of the above named individual including, but not limited to, any damage to private or public property. I am legally responsible for my own and/or my child’s welfare and actions including personal needs and medical expenses. I agree to indemnify and hold the owners of Sooner Sluggersand its representatives harmless from any loss, damage, or injury which may result from me or my child’s participation in activities at Sooner Sluggers. This release of liability and indemnity applies equally to losses, damages, or injuries caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the owners of Sooner Sluggers. I further agree to release, waive and discharge, and covenant not to sue the owners of Sooner Sluggersfor any claims, demands, or actions whatsoever arising out of any damage, loss, or injury incurred on or to me or my child as a result of my participation or my child’s in activities at Sooner Sluggers. This release of liability and indemnity applies to me, the undersigned, or my child, as well as any personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin. I have read and fully understand the effect of the relinquishment of the rights that I hereby waive. Additionally, I have read and fully understand the Batting Cage Rules and Regulations. Signature_________________________________ Date_____________________ Batting Cage Rules and RegulationsFirst time users must undergo a brief equipment orientation. Adults (15 years old and older) must feed the pitching machine. Youth under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults are responsible for the actions of the youths in the batting cage. Misconduct will result in immediate termination of privileges. Closed-toed shoes must be worn. Batters and feeders must wear helmets at all times while in the batting cage. Batter must provide own feeder. When pitching or operating pitching machine you must stand behind the safety net. Spectators and those not batting or pitching need to stand outside of the netted area, minimum of 6 feet away. Please take practice pitches before inviting the batter into the cage. Adjustments to speed will greatly alter the flight path of the ball. No adjustments should be made once the batter has entered the cage. The only people swinging a bat are those in the cages. Once your time is up, please stop the machine and put all balls back into the bucket. FEE MUST BE PAID AND WAIVER FORM MUST BE SIGNED BEFORE USING THE BATTING CAGES –IF THE PARTICIPANT IS UNDER 18, A PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN MUST SIGN THE WAIVER FORM.IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WITH THE MACHINE PLEASE SPEAK WITH A STAFF MEMBER.